Friday, May 12, 2017

CP/ICE/Milw Bridge over Mississippi River at Sabula, IA

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Ronald L. Jackson posted
River and railroad traffic halted after boat hits Sabula bridge.
SABULA, Iowa (KWQC) — The Sabula Railroad Bridge will be out of commission until officials can determine if it's safe after a towboat hit it late Thursday night, May 4, 2017. The Coast Guard says the waterway will also be closed until the bridge can be checked by divers.
Coast Guard officials say they received a notification at 11:45 p.m. of the towing vessel Dottie Strait colliding with the Sabula Railroad Bridge at mile marker 535 on the Upper Mississippi River, near Clinton, Iowa.
Officials say there were no reported injuries or pollution.
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Ardi Carl shared
We have just uploaded selections of the Milwaukee Road (east) from our John F. Bjorklund Collection. The album includes this shot of a westbound Milwaukee Road freight train crossing drawbridge over the Mississippi River in Sabula, Iowa, on October 21, 1978.
Mark Hinsdale posted
A Canadian Pacific crew from Savanna IL crosses the former Milwaukee Road swing bridge spanning the Mississippi River into Sabula IA, where it will perform some switching of cars in the small yard there.
William Brown posted
Work going on CPR's Mississippi River Bridge at Sabula, Iowa. New control structure that may be for remote operation by Train Dispatcher. The barge damage from earlier this year to the protective pilings.

Michael Sanders posted
July 1947, Sabula Rail Bridge. Could this be the Southwest Limited? Headed by a Class F-3 Hudson? Thanks. Photo from the John N Sanders collection.
[The comments indicate that this is really a Class A 4-4-2 Atlantic on the Midwest Hiawatha.]

(new window)  It opens at 4:40 for what looks like a 6-barge tow. Even though it is moving rather slow, it generates quite a bit of wave action againset the shore. It looks like the towboat has a pilot house that goes up and down.

(new window) The narration made sense after I realized the first towboat we see is in front of the tow. At 0:50 we see the front towboat is actively pushing backwards! When he panned across the tow, I saw only four barges. A normal 15-barge tow would be five barges deep. The front towboat must stay attached and go through the locks at the front of the tow.

In Sept 2020, I got hit with a Double Doomsday. Both Facebook and Google changed their software. I avoided "updated" because the new software is not better. In fact, Google's Blogger software is far worse except for a search function that works. Specifically, it has three bugs concerning photos and their captions. So I'm no longer copying photos and interesting comments from Facebook. I'm just saving the link. I hope you can access posts in Private Groups.

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