Saturday, January 21, 2017

1906 Lion Bridge over Poplar Creek in Hoffman Estates, IL

20170121 7676
For once in my life, being stopped at a traffic light was a good thing, otherwise I would not have noticed these lions. I had to go a ways to find a place were I could turn around, but there was a trail head nearby so parking was not an issue when I got back to the vicinity of the bridge.
I was glad I made the effort to turn back and walk to the bridge since this is the oldest reinforced concrete bridge still in Illinois.
I took this picture as I approached the bridge to show that they have built a modern bridge for the trail and have retired this bridge.

Below I digitally zoomed into the northern part to show that there has been some spalling. In particular, the lion's nose needed some rebar. Even though the angle of the sun was bad for the south lion, I include it also because it is still intact. Note that it is not facing out so the concrete does not protrude as far from the wall.

Update: Article by Pat Barch, Hoffman Estates Village Historian

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