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Bonner Bridge over Oregon Inlet near Nags Head, NC

(Bridge Hunter)
I thought this1962 bridge was made with concrete girders until I looked at Bridge Hunter. It uses steel stringers.
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4100 ringer and 4600 ringer on Bonner Bridge replacement OBX, NC
The work on the new $246 million bridge reminds me that satellite images are about a year old. The replacement bridge is about half done and should complete in 2018. [Update] Design for the new bridge was done in 2011. But environmentalists delayed construction until a groundbreaking on March 8, 2016. [Groundbreaking] Rodanthe citizens were complaining about the extra cost to address environmental costs. [Protest] My reaction is that people should not have been allowed to live on the outer banks in the first place. That is, even the first bridge should not have been built.

A video of the replacement construction indicates the bridge is higher with fewer piers. I assume the height is to get it above storm surges. They stated that fewer piers are used so that they can afford to make them deeper to better withstand sand erosion.

I saved a satellite image because it includes an ocean going boat. I find it interesting that the propwash is about as long as the ship itself. It must be going rather fast considering how close it is to the bridge. The captain must be confident in his "aim." Or maybe it is easier to steer more accurately with a strong flow past the rudder.

It must be the winter time because I found only three cars on it in the satellite image. A Street View shows a boat and only one car. This is the first bridge I have seen that seems to have more boat traffic than auto traffic. But a Google Photo shows that it does have a lot of traffic sometimes. I assume the busy time is in the Summer.

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Joe Eller Im surprised NCDOT let them use a grease splattering diesel hammer.Justin Burgesd But they have to collect the spoils from jetting! Haha.

Mark Joseph Steven provided a short video of a hammer in operation

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Justin Ramsey posted two photos with the comment: "Couple pictures of the Bonner Bridge replacement, Outer Banks, North Carolina."


This is some of the photos posted by Brenton Jenkins with the comment: "Couple of our cranes getting out to work in Outer Banks NC."

[Note the precast segments on the barge waiting to be lifted into place.]




Screenshot, NCDOT
Exciting progress is being made at the sites of the Bonner Bridge Replacement Project! See the progress for yourself in this month's Bonner Bridge Replacement Project Update..
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Setting pre cast segments. Can anyone guess what crane.
Shelton Reynolds 4600 ringer on a barge
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Ryan Fish posted two photos with the comment: "New bridge being put in in the Outer Banks in NC. Saw these on the way out and was lucky enough to see them on the way back."


Billy Charles Jones Jr. posted six photos with the comment: "New bridge construction at pea island Outer Banks NC. 16 Manitowoc cranes and one 60 ton Grove perched on top if my count was correct."
Ben Stalvey Nice 4600 Ringer
Devin Parsons Your count is correct sir (that's my home town)






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Offloading the first permanent piles for the approaches with the 1200 and 999
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Jeremy Beaird Vibratory down then drop hammer to refusal?

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Bonner Bridge
Outer Banks, North Carolina 
They have 3 sections up now

Fishin' Frenzy posted 40 photos. I picked the photo that shows the most progress and another one that shows the old and new bridges side-by-side.

Screenshot at 0:005 from CarolinaDesignsRealty

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  1. Thanks for posting. I used to camp at the NPS campground at Oregon Inlet as often as I could.There is a sport fishing launch there but I think that ship is part of the dredging about 1000ft astern. As for living there, tons of tourism pretty much sustains the whole coastal region. Plus, Wright Bros first flight, Roanoke Colony,ship graveyard, Blackbeard....