Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Liebherr's LR 13000 Crane sets record at 815 ft.

Since I've written about Manitowic's 4600 stringer and 13000 ringer, it is only fair that I write about "the most powerful conventional crawler crane in the world." (That statement makes me wonder what an unconventional crawler is. Evidently it is the use of a "derrick basket." [Liebherr]) Modern cranes are built from modules. Modules allow the same equipment to be assembled in different configures for different job requirements. For example, a light load with a long reach vs. a heavy load with a short reach but high vs. a very heavy load with a short reach and height. The size of the modules are supposed to be small enough that the modules can be transported on roads. Liebherr configured their LR 13000 " in its maximum lattice boom configuration at the manufacturing plant in Ehingen, Germany." "The combination of the 120 m main boom and the 126 m luffing jib produces a lattice boom system with an overall length of 246 m. Mounted on the solid crawler chassis, the crane thus reaches a height of 248 m" [HeavyLiftNews]

Basically, it was a PR stunt like the following photo.

Cover page for Bad ass crane and picker operators
Tod Riebow also posted
In the following video they lifted a mobile crane as the load. Judging from this photo, someone was in the cab when it was lifted. I learned that crane operators call that "meat on the hook."

From HeavyLiftNews

They need to park a pickup truck or something next to one of those crawler tracks for scale. But judging from the cab and handrails, those tracks are huge. Specifically, I don't think one will fit on a flatbed trailer. I wonder how they disassemble the base base unit for transport to a new work site.

From HeavyLiftNews
For the assembly of the block for this heavy-lift PR stunt, see cranes. It also has better views of the "derrick basket" configuration.

From AutoMoto101, also from MyEngineeringVideos

Update: A video describing the crane.   (source link)

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