Monday, January 30, 2017

C&NW 1869 Stone Arch Bridge over Turtle Creek near Darien, WI

(Bridge Hunter, Historic Bridges, HAER WI-24Satellite)
Unfortunately, the satellite image indicates that it has been replaced by a steel-girder bridge. Note the link to HAER documentation.
C&NWHS posted
We, at the C&NW archives, really like this photo of the Turtle Creek bridge just south of the little community of Tiffany, Wisconsin on the line from Janesville to Harvard, Illinois. We are on the downstream side of the bridge (anti ice flow buttresses on the other side) so we are looking to the northeast and the locomotive is pulling its consist inbound toward Harvard. Writing on the back dates the C&NW company publicity photo to "about 1931." The bridge and the track are still in use.
Flickr user OldOnliner from Bridge Hunter, CC BY-NC-ND
Jim Kobrinetz took this photo 30 years ago

An aerial photo of it.

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