Tuesday, January 10, 2017

US-52 over Mississippi River

(Bridge Hunter, Historic BridgesBridge Hunter ReplacementSatellite, has 18 photos including pier construction for the replacement)
Chcuk Edmonson posted
Summer, 1932. The partially finished Savanna Sabula Toll Bridge over the Mississippi.

Bridge Hunter indicates it was built in 1932 and rehabilitated in 1985. Even though it was posted to the National Register of Historic Places on August 27, 1999, its replacement is being constructed. The bridge is free to anyone who will move it someplace else. But you don't toss that into the back of a pickup truck.

Historic Bridges says this continuous truss bridge is in good shape but the reason it is being replaced is that the lanes are too narrow. Since the replacement is being built right next to it, then they should have built a new bridge to carry one direction of traffic and allow this one to remain for the other direction of traffic.

Jerry Jackson posted
C44-9W 5325 leads her train under the Sabula Bridge, entering Savanna, IL, summer of 2013.

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