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Canedy-Otto Manufacturing Company

John Abbott posted
Bill Zaremba Otto is still around if the same one . They are in Carpentersville IL . They did start in Chicago.
Ben Bachle I have a very large Canedy Otto cast iron forge. I have never seen another one like it
I started researching this because I'm trying to figure out if USA can still make the machines that go into a factory. When I saw that the first town listed for Canedy-Otto is Downers Grove, IL, that upped the priority since I have lived there for more than four decades,

William Eaton Canedy moved his firm Minnesota Anvil & Vice to Downers Grove in 1889. By 1894, Albert Otto joined the firm and the name was changed to Canedy-Otto and the factory moved again to Chicago Heights, IL. The company was dissolved in 1942, but some of their product line was acquired by Cincinnati Lathe & Tool Co. "The names "SNOW", "Royal", or "Royal H Western Chief" appear on some Canedy-Otto products. They used the "Tiger" name for their economy line." [VintageMachinery]

1922 Ad from Vintage Machinery, images
A couple of product catalogs are available as PDF files from Vintage Machinery, publications. Unfortunately, I could not find a date for Price List 8. The pictures below are from the publication.

Anvil Fire indicates they made high quality products. In fact, they were too good. They could not compete with other manufacturers. I would like to see a 1942 catalog. If they were still making blacksmith equipment, that would be another reason they went out of business.

The quality was good enough  that some blacksmiths are still using their tools. I'll have to pay more attention to the brand of tools in the demonstration blacksmith shop at sites that recreate the "old days."

Price List 8
I knew blacksmiths had to have incredible upper-body strength to swing a hammer many times a day. But I see some also had manually powered blowers.

Price List 8
They had a choice of a lever or a crank.

On pages 90 and 91 they also had equipment for line-shaft powered blowers.

Several lists of products included "tire shrinker." I was looking for a visual clue as to what that product might be. It was not in Price List 8. The index of Catalog 12 lists tire shrinkers on pages 92-94. Unfortunately, the PDF file omits the pages between the Forward and page 95.

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  1. My husband has a Canedy-Otto 3 1/2 ton arbor press, #1. Would you happen to know the value on something like this? Thank you for any information. Sincerely, Cathy