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C&EI Dolton and Maney Yards are now UP Yard Center

Mark Hinsdale posted
"The Set Up..."
Brand new from Electro Motive at La Grange, L&N SD40-2 #3588, in Family Lines paint, gets prepped for service on a sunny afternoon at the joint Missouri Pacific-Louisville & Nashville locomotive facility in Yard Center (South Holland) IL. September, 1977 photo by Mark Hinsdale

Mark caught the action at Yard Center after the C&WI was split up and before CSX was formed. MoPac wanted to buy the C&EI part. But the federal regulators would not let them buy it unless they sold the eastern route to L&N. That is why today UP and CSX share the "main stem" from just below Woodland, IL, north to 75th street were Metra owns the rest of the north/south C&WI route for their SWS commuter service on the former-Wabash route. UP, CSX, and NS have freight trackage rights on the Metra route into town. UP and CSX would be because of the C&EI part of C&WI and NS would be because of the Wabash part of C&WI.

1939 Aerial Photo from ILHAP
An older map labels the northern part, which is now an intermodal yard, as Dolton Yard and the lower part, which is still a classification yard, as Maney Yard. The steam engine servicing facilities were at the south end of Dolton Yard.

1939 Aerial Photo from ILHAP
A newer map labels the lower part as UP+CSX Yard Center and has a lot of unreadable text next to the upper part. Google indicates both yards are "UP DOLTON." That makes sense because I think CSX would take their freight trains to their Barr Yard (CSX owns B&OCT) and the intermodal trains to their Bedford Park Terminal.


Steven J. Brown posted three photos with the comment:
It was a gray Sunday in Chicago. Someone with a drivers license was driving me around Chicago's south suburbs to various rail yards taking roster shots of the locos hanging around.
Here is a sample of what was present at Missouri Pacific's Yard Center in Dolton, Illinois - July 24, 1977.
Louisville and Nashville GP7 392
[Note the coaling tower in the background.]

MoPac GP18 1929
Lisa Renee Ragsdale Is there a GP18 among these guys? Thank you.
Jeff Lewis AAR trucks!

MoPac U30C 3305
Chicago & Eastern Illinois Railroad Historical Society posted
50 years ago today wrecker crane A-2 at Yard Center, IL on September 9, 1967.

Bill Molony posted
The Chicago & Eastern Illinois yard tower at Dolton - 1912.
Bill Bielby posted
I'm standing in front of C&EI locomotive 1600, "The Whippoorwill," at the line's Dolton, IL facility at 147th (Sibley Blvd) and Indiana Ave. Around 1955
Nathan Mackey posted
Wandering around the Yard Center facility. Oct. '98
Dennis DeBruler I had a brain burp as to where Yard Center was. I knew it was on UP's "south spoke." I see the engine servicing facilities are west of the intermodal yard.,-87.../data=!3m1!1e3
Paul Petraitis shared
Probably 1913
Old Yard Center photo.
Mike Breski posted

You can see a water tower in the background of the above photo. But this photo shows that they had two of them. And they were exceptionally tall.
Bill Molony posted
Chicago & Eastern Illinois class C-2 0-8-0 switch engine #1800 at Yard Center in Dolton on August 4, 1947.
Dennis DeBruler Not only two water towers, those towers were tall.
Mike Breski posted
[Some of the comments discuss the clay pits used by brick companies including a map.]
Bill Molony posted
Chicago & Eastern Illinois class H-6-b 2-8-0 Consolidation-type #930, taking on water at Yard Center in Dolton, Illinois on September 9, 1948.

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