Friday, January 20, 2017

C&EI Dolton and Maney Yards are now UP Yard Center

Mark Hinsdale posted
"The Set Up..."
Brand new from Electro Motive at La Grange, L&N SD40-2 #3588, in Family Lines paint, gets prepped for service on a sunny afternoon at the joint Missouri Pacific-Louisville & Nashville locomotive facility in Yard Center (South Holland) IL. September, 1977 photo by Mark Hinsdale

Mark caught the action at Yard Center after the C&WI was split up and before CSX was formed. MoPac wanted to buy the C&EI part. But the federal regulators would not let them buy it unless they sold the eastern route to L&N. That is why today UP and CSX share the "main stem" from just below Woodland, IL, north to 75th street were Metra owns the rest of the north/south C&WI route for their SWS commuter service on the former-Wabash route. UP, CSX, and NS have freight trackage rights on the Metra route into town. UP and CSX would be because of the C&EI part of C&WI and NS would be because of the Wabash part of C&WI.

1939 Aerial Photo from ILHAP
An older map labels the northern part, which is now an intermodal yard, as Dolton Yard and the lower part, which is still a classification yard, as Maney Yard. The steam engine servicing facilities were at the south end of Dolton Yard.

1939 Aerial Photo from ILHAP
A newer map labels the lower part as UP+CSX Yard Center and has a lot of unreadable text next to the upper part. Google indicates both yards are "UP DOLTON." That makes sense because I think CSX would take their freight trains to their Barr Yard (CSX owns B&OCT) and the intermodal trains to their Bedford Park Terminal.


Steven J. Brown posted three photos with the comment:
It was a gray Sunday in Chicago. Someone with a drivers license was driving me around Chicago's south suburbs to various rail yards taking roster shots of the locos hanging around.
Here is a sample of what was present at Missouri Pacific's Yard Center in Dolton, Illinois - July 24, 1977.
Louisville and Nashville GP7 392
[Note the coaling tower in the background.]

MoPac GP18 1929
Lisa Renee Ragsdale Is there a GP18 among these guys? Thank you.
Jeff Lewis AAR trucks!

MoPac U30C 3305
Chicago & Eastern Illinois Railroad Historical Society posted
50 years ago today wrecker crane A-2 at Yard Center, IL on September 9, 1967.

Bill Molony posted
The Chicago & Eastern Illinois yard tower at Dolton - 1912.
Bill Bielby posted
I'm standing in front of C&EI locomotive 1600, "The Whippoorwill," at the line's Dolton, IL facility at 147th (Sibley Blvd) and Indiana Ave. Around 1955

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