Friday, January 20, 2017

IHB and EJ&E Lake Front Yards

Scott Griffith posted
Shoving back from the Lake front
Dennis DeBruler I believe this photo is facing westish from hereThe outer B&OCT mainline is in the foreground, the train is on the original B&O passenger line and the tracks on the right are the NS/Conrail/PC/NYC/LSMS tracks.

This is a nice example of a caboose being recycled as a CSX shoving platform.
Excerpt from B&OCT Map
While researching where this picture was taken, I found a map showing two Lake Front Yards --- EJ&E closest to the lake, and IHB next to the EJ&E yard. Looking at a satellite image, there is still a yard in this vicinity, but it has been cut back to make room for a casino. The SPV Map implies the current yard is used by EJ&E.
Arturo Gross posted
All of NS's ex UP SD90s have either been rebuilt as SD70ACUs, or are in process now. So here's a lookback at former UP SD9043AC, now NS 7296, parked at E. Chicago, Indiana Harbor with an empty gondola train for the South Chicago & Indiana Harbor.
Dennis DeBruler I like the cuts of coil and bottle cars. I presume that is a steel mill in the background. Would you be more specific as to the location? I can't find a bridge with a side ramp on a satellite image.Arturo Gross That overpass in the background is the ramp to the East Chicago (IN) Marina and the Ameristar Casino, off of Cline Avenue. 7296 is on the Norfolk Southern ex NYC mainline and the yard in the background is IHB's Lakefront Yard which primarily serves the ArcelorMittal Indiana Harbor works steel mill (which is out of sight to the left and behind).
Dennis DeBruler Thanks for also providing the name of IHB's yard. So the background is Carmeuse Lime & Stone, not a steel company.!3m6!1e1!3m4...
Art Gross Flickr photo of an IHB train looking east from the pedestrian bridge that is headed to the yard. (some comments on the scene)

Art Gross Flickr photo with lots of steel action --- bottle cars, uncovered coil cars with coils, gondolas with steel scrap, and CSX & NS locomotvies. (source)

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