Friday, January 20, 2017

IHB and EJ&E Lake Front Yards

Scott Griffith posted
Shoving back from the Lake front
Dennis DeBruler I believe this photo is facing westish from hereThe outer B&OCT mainline is in the foreground, the train is on the original B&O passenger line and the tracks on the right are the NS/Conrail/PC/NYC/LSMS tracks.

This is a nice example of a caboose being recycled as a CSX shoving platform.
Excerpt from B&OCT Map
While researching where this picture was taken, I found a map showing two Lake Front Yards --- EJ&E closest to the lake, and IHB next to the EJ&E yard. Looking at a satellite image, there is still a yard in this vicinity, but it has been cut back to make room for a casino. The SPV Map implies the current yard is used by EJ&E.

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