Monday, January 23, 2017

Flame cutting thick steel plates

I was amazed by the thickness of the plate being cut.

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Flame cutting
David Stapleton I have burned 10" plate. The torches we had (Union Carbide I think), had interchangable tubes for piercing think plate. Cant remember the tip # but it was freaking hudge, about half the size of a pencil if I remember, been 20+ years. Our Oxygen supply didnt come from no bottle over in the corner, our oxygen came from a hudge tank from outside, gas was natural gas. When piercong thru it was very much like standing by an erupting volcano. You learned quickly which way to start the cut.
Ben Bachle Yep. I have two piece straight bore tips for my machine torch.......I think the pierce orifice size is around 5/32, running off liquid oxygen tanks and MAPP as my fuel gas. When you get above 6"in thickness I either edge start or drill a hole through the plate first and start my cuts keeps the collateral damage to a minimum haha
David Stapleton I had to pierce thru. Again, was 20+ years ago but if I remember right the process went like this...Preheat an area, would often manauly jog around a small area. Raise tip 1/2" or so when ready to engage cutting oxygen, as I switch on to cut I started the jog towards the pattern. Would travel a couple three inches or so before it blew all the way thru, as this is happening would adjust the torch up or down to clear slag puddle. Once into the cut would adjust cut speed till it made that distinct splattering/spitting sound. Then put the fire out in my hair and hat.
Ben Bachle Yeah, pretty much! We go around and preheat the shape before we cut it too. It is really really good insurance on expensive heavy plate. Even edge starting you will still get a shower, just not as bad as piercing through
Bruce VanClief Mine was an eccentric counterweight in a hydraulic sheet piling hammer/ extractor.
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Crank throws.
Bob Gaston Look how thick the ones behind him are.
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