Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Riverdale Junction:

(no CRJ, Satellite)
Scott Griffith posted three photos with the comment: "Riverdale tower." The comments on the pictures are mine.

1: looking Northish. The truss on the left side of the tower would be an IC bridge across the Cal Sag.

2: Looking Westish The PRR Panhandle is on the right and the B&OCT east lead of Barr yard is on the left. This must be an old photo because the Panhandle looks like more than just a remnant going to the steel mill. The overpass is Illinois Central.

3: This photo indicates the tower was north of the Panhandle tracks.
1939 Aerial Photo from ILHAP
I put a red rectangle around the tower.
Scott Griffith posted
Making the IC delivery, this was one of my favorite jobs to work.
[This B&OCT transfer run would be headed to Markham Yard.]
Scott Griffith posted
Bob Lalich Does anyone know why the IC continued to operate this tower after their tracks were elevated over the B&OCT and Panhandle?Paul T. Govern I think It was tornh down in the mid 60's as I hired out in 57 & it was there for several years after I hired out,Rich Thielman This tower was in such bad shape, you had to nail your chair down to keep it from sliding away. They finally tore it down about 1982.
Paul Petraitis shared Bill Bielby's post.
[Obviously, this is before the IC elevated their tracks.]
Bill's posting provides a link to a 1979 photo.

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