Friday, January 27, 2017

Morris Illinois River Bridge

(no Bridge Hunter?, John Weeks III, IDOT: simple, detailed)
20140627 0126
Morris has a park and boat launch between its I&M Canal and the Illinois River so access to the north side of the I-47 bridge is easy. I have already posted about the towboat activity I saw while I was there.
I took a picture of the 410-foot main span while some trucks were on the bridge so that you could get a better feel for how big that span is. This bridge is like IDOT's other truss replacement bridges. I have talked about how they bolt steel plates together to make the beams near the end of the Seneca posting and how they sometimes bend the beams to put a curve in the roadway.
The bridge also crosses the I&M Canal on the north side.
The boat launch area was closed because the river was high.

But the part under the bridge was still open so I took some pictures to capture the underside since it is normally hard to access that part.

This view lets you see some of the diagonal bracing between the beams.

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