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C&WI 16th Street Interlocking

(no CRJ, Satellite (no trace of where this tower was is left because the C&WI tracks have been filled in to remove the embankments when they made Ping Tom Memorial Park))
NorthAmericanInterlockings: photo
Chicago and Northern Indiana Railroad Interlocking Towers: Flickr

One of the things that makes learning Chicago railroads challenging is that different railroads that passed a tower would have their own name for that tower. That is why there are two Western Avenue Towers in Chicago. Bob's comment below taught me that there are two 16th Street Towers. The other 16th Street Interlocking is about a block east of here.

Stuart Pearson posted
Monon's Hoosier not to far out of Dearborn Station. A Rail Photo Service Photo.
Bob Lalich: The train is in C&WI's 16th St interlocking plant. It has just passed under the St Charles Airline and connection to the joint NYC-Rock Island.
[Note that the train skunks the tower.]
In order for C&WI to get to Dearborn Station, which is east of La Salle Street Station, the five tracks of the C&WI and Santa Fe, which was a Dearborn tenant, took the low road and all of the other railroads were elevated around 16th Street.

The wall on the right in the above photo is the IC (Chicago, Madison & Northern, CM&N) embankment of the track that climbs from the 21st Street Crossing up to join the St. Charles Air Line (SCAL). Both sides of this embankment are now filled in so that the bridges in the background of Stuart's posting are now at ground level! It is probably filled with dirt from digging the basements and pilings of all of the new buildings that have been built south of the loop where all of the station and freight house tracks used to be.

Here is contemporary view of those bridges. The tracks going across the picture in the middle are the CN/IC tracks. The track in the right foreground is the remaining connector of the two connectors that used to go between the SCAL and the Rock Island + NYC tracks. The bridges in the near background used to go over the two Santa Fe tracks and the bigger girders in the bar background used to go over the four C&WI tracks. The IC bridges over the Santa Fe and the Rock Island + NYC bridges over the C&WI tracks have been removed. Clark Street used to have an overpass over the grade-level C&WI tracks. But when the C&WI tracks were removed, the overpass was removed.

In the following track diagram, I added a red box to show the remaining bridge remnants that are now filled in with dirt and a blue box to show the Rock Island 16th Street (IC Clark Street) Tower. (Note that some of the lines show concrete embankments rather than tracks. There are a lot of concrete embankments in this area because there are elevated tracks very close to grade level tracks.)
This is an excerpt at 100% magnification. The yellow box highlights building 135, which is labeled Interlocker Tower.
1938 Aerial Photo from ILHAP
The tower must have been rebuilt between 1938 and 1964 because it was square with the compass in 1938 but it was square with the tracks in the 1964 map.
Bill Molony posted
Another beautiful color Wabash photograph from our collection - enjoy!
Stan Stanovich ...on the approach Richard Fiedler!...I believe from the 18th street overpass!!!
Bob Lalich Correct Stan Stanovich. 16th St Tower is just out of view behind the train on the right.
Jim Holmes Yes. between 16th st and 18th st
lbert J Reinschmidt Given the sun it's the departing Banner Blue.Randy Rippy Wearing the simplified paint scheme with an E7 on the point. Guessing 1962?
[Note the B&OCT bridge is down. The two tracks in the right foreground are ICwest. You can see the embankment wall go up from here.]
Mark Hinsdale posted
Cold, but Clear...
Chicago is getting ready for tomorrow's St. Patricks Day parade and all the celebrations that go with it. The temperature is staying in the mid to high 20's but there is not a cloud in the sky. A midday appearance of CN Train #337 passing under 18th Street made for a worthy photographic subject as I continued to show my weekend guests around town a little bit.
[This clearly shows the C&WI tracks been replaced by Ping Tom Memorial Park.]

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  1. Thank you so much for posting the Wabash photo off of 18th Street. It might be one of the best angles/views when you try and compare it to what we would look at in 2017.