Monday, January 30, 2017

UP/C&EI Trestle over Kaskaskia River in Shelbyville, IL

(Update: I have published the pictures I took of the bridge.)
(Bridge Hunter, no Historic Bridges, Satellite, the shadows show the height of the towers.)
Edward Wayne Bridges posted
Steven Johnston commented on the above posting
Big 4 bridge with the C&EI in the background. I remember in the late 80's kids used to go on it to drink and hang out. They said there was big gaps in it you could fall through. I went to the edge of it one time but looked too scary for me to try it. Wish I'd taken pics.
Jacob Hortenstine posted with better resolution
Dan Tracy posted
Southbound Mopac at Shelbyville IL 11-28-84.
Gary Dill Some serious weight here with 6 units!
[I contributed some photos in the comments.]

I have taken my own pictures and a video of a train crossing the bridge.

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