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C&NW's Passenger Yards

I have already described C&NW's Erie Street and Grand Avenue yard. I have learned that there were two other passenger yards ---- California Yard, which was another commuter yard, and tracks near the south side of the 40th Street Yard.

David M Laz posted
David's comment:
We have three Chicago and Northwestern E's being serviced at the California Avenue Streamliner Ramp in 1960.
Steve Malachinski I believe the Streamliner Ramp was behind the 40th street diesel ramp. Where as the commuter trains were at California and Erie street yards.

So the California Yard was another commuter yard. It was probably built after the commuter service on three different routes outgrew the Erie Street Yard. And the Erie Street Yard became more industrial oriented --- for example, team tracks. The long distance trains were serviced at their 40th Street Ramp and near the south side of the 40th Street Yard.

Kevin Leahy commented
Jack Delano photo from 1942 showing the 40th St shops complex just to the north of the Streamliner Ramp
Steve Malachinski The buildings next to the locomotives was I believe M-21 which was the store house it was eventually torn down in the late 80's. It's now a depot for the City of Chicago Streets and sanitation.

David M Laz posted
NW Railroad yard, Chicago 1942 on what looks like a COLD winter day!
[This looks like a cropped version of the above photo.]
Steve Rippeteau CNW 40th Street Yard on the west side of Chicago, IL. Can't think of the current street location. This is a Office of War Information photo possibly by Jack Delano. The OWI collection is now in the US Library of Congress and needs to be so noted. While we appreciate sharing of interesting and good quality photos we would appreciate it even more if credit is given to the photographer and collection.
Jim Kube Wartime blackout conditions. Must have been a very long exposure.

Kevin Leahy commented
Another previously posted C&NW PR photo looking west toward the Streamliner Ramp with the Galena mainline on the far left and the BRC overhead bridge in the distance.
[In the foreground is the washer that would wash an entire train. It is on rails so that it can move sideways and cover all of the tracks. (Chuckman's collection, at 12:12 PM)]
Francis Otterbein posted
The 40th Street yard serviced the Chicago and North Western's through passenger fleet.
David Garon C&NW was the UP's Overland Route passenger train partner from Council Bluffs to Chicago until October 1955, when the Milwaukee Road took over.
[I added this duplicate scene because I think this is a better scan.]

The postings on Erie Street and 40th Street facilities include 1938 aerial photos. Here is the one for the California Yard.

1938 Aerial Photo from ILHAP
The rail yard north of the California Yard is the Metra/Milwaukee Western Avenue Yard.

Steven J. Brown posted
One of my many regrets is not making a better effort to capture images of the pre-rush hour power parade from 40th Street yard to the coach yard and depot on the CNW. Just before rush hour, individual units started leaving the shops at 40th street and followed each other to their train in the California Ave Coach yard or downtown at the station. It was an intriguing sight seeing all those headlights lined up into the distance. In this image, at least three F40PH's can be seen heading east to the depot while a F40 is about to leave the frame pushing its consist. The cab car of another depot bound train is emerging from the California Ave coach yard. April 12, 1988.
Mark Simmons The march of the F40PHs continues today.
Steven J. Brown Really!! I gotta get back there!
Dan Marinellie Every single one of these is still on the Metra roster and work regularly!

#100-149 have been rebuilt by Progress Rail and have EM2000 computers in them now.

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