Sunday, March 20, 2016

RTA's Blue Line

Glen Miller posted
I remember them adding rapid transit to the median of the Dan Ryan. I learned that rapid transit was always in the median of the Eisenhower.

Glen's comment:
In January 1958, the unfinished Congress median line and the Garfield Park "L" which crosses from the north to the south of the expressway at Sacramento presented a challenge to drivers. Motorists had to dodge support columns right in the middle of the highway. Better put that cup of coffee down while you maneuver through here. (Photographer unknown)
One time when I was coming home, I noticed that the RTA has a Holiday Special consist. All four cars were lit up. Traffic was at a standstill, and I was very lucky that the lane to the left of me was open. But there was not enough light for a fast shutter speed so the shot is blurry.

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Glen Miller posted
Glen's comment:
June 10, 1958, Chicago’s new CTA subway which will open June 22. The subway runs under the Congress Expressway from Halsted to link with the Dearborn-Milwaukee subway at Dearborn. The scene here is looking east from Halsted at the start of the subway. A crane hoists a beam into place for auto traffic interchange at this point.” (Photographer unknown)
I knew there was no "L" in the middle when you go under the old post office. But I did not know where it went until I saw this posting. You can see where it goes underground in a satellite image. And you can see the ramps that they are starting to build in the photo. Note that in the 1960s, they did not have telescoping boom cranes. They were all still truss booms, which made them harder to transport to other sites.

David M Laz posted
Mayor Richard J. Daley in 1955 on the then named and unfinished Congress Expressway (now Eisenhower) driving the ceremonial "Golden Spike" into the tie that started construction of the "'L" on the median of the expressway!Jason Polinski Great pic! Although now the L running down the middle is preventing a much needed widening of the Ike. It should run underground from the loop to Forest Park.

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