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McCool, IN: Junction Tower: EJ&E vs B&O


Ken Durkel posted
McCool, Indiana. M.D. McCarter photo. Westbound B&O.
Unfortunately, Google doesn't know about McCool, IN. And a search for McCool Junction finds lots of stuff about a town in Nebraska. Even a search for "mccool junction indiana" was mostly about the town in NE. But I did find a History of Village of McCool. The railroad built some houses by the junction for their employess. The area is now part of Porter, IN. The EJ&E has been abandoned and is now the Prairie Duneland Trail.

Text of a Ken Durkel posting:
Got an answer on the EJ&E Yahoo groups regarding the tower at McCool. Here is the answer from "w5lang"
The tower at McCool was CO/BO. After the tower was closed, the signals were operated by the dispatcher in Akron, OH. The EJE phone line had a patch to where the J dispatcher could tie onto the C&O phone and talk to the CO dispatcher. The CO dispatcher could also tie onto EJE phone line and talk to the EJE dispatcher.

Ken Durkel posted
McCool, Indiana. Now part of Portage. B&O/EJ&E crossing. Train is eastbound, McCool Road is the grade crossing. M.D. McCarter photo.
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Some comments by Wayne Hudak and Daniel Kopack on another Ken Durkel posting have some history of the junction and J line.

The B&O came through McCool in 1874. The J ended at McCool in 1888 and was finished to Porter in 1893. Originally, the Indiana portion of the J was to build from Valparaiso to the IL state line. They considered going to LaPorte.

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