Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Washington Heights Tower: PRR/Panhandle vs. Metra/Rock Island

Mark Hinsdale posted
TOFC crossing the ex PRR "Panhandle" at Washington Heights Tower,
Chicago IL. June 1977 photo by Mark Hinsdale
(could not find in CRJ, Satellite)

If you look a block to the southeast on the satellite image, you can see the start of the Major Taylor Trail, which is the RoW of the Panhandle. And the Panhandle would be why the streets to the northwest are on an angle.
Bob Finan commented

Bob Finan commented
William Shapotkin posted two color photos of the tower: 1967 and 1974. The 1967 photo includes a Rock Island train.

Jeff McDowell posted
J Pete Hedgpeth 5:16 westbound crossing PRR at Washington Heights. on Track 4. First stop Midlothian
Bill Molony possted
This is the Pennsylvania Railroad and Rock Island Railroad interlocking at Washington Heights - 104th Street and Vincinnes Avenue on the south side of Chicago - as it looked 60 years ago in 1956.
The photographer is looking railroad east on the PRR tracks, with CRI&P tracks crossing in the foreground, the interlocking tower on the left and the station on the right. 
Today, the tower is gone, the PRR tracks are gone, and Metra owns the former Rock Island tracks and the Washington Heights station.
Terry Lynch posted
Harold Vollrath was a friend of mine who gave me pictures for both of my books, and several articles that I wrote through the years. Here's one from his collection of 624 passing the the tower at Washington Heights in May of 1940. There is no mention of which train it was on.
David Daruszka posted
A westbound Rock Island train slams over the Panhandle diamonds at Washington Heights. Date and photographer unknown.

A video of an NKP 765 exhibition train flying on the Metra/Rock where the Panhandle used to cross. (source)

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