Sunday, March 13, 2016

Michigan Central Yard, Round & Freight Houses

Paul Petraitis comment on posting below
The huge MCRR Yards...not a trace of 'em these days...
the yards were built when Pullman was built ca 1880...
In the 1800s Michigan Central (MC) and Lake Shore & Michigan Southern (LS&MS) were fierce competitors. That was one of the reasons for the crossing war at Grand Crossing. Later, New York Central took control of both of these railroads and used the LS&MS facilities and allowed this MC facility to disappear.

The roundhouse is at the bottom center and the freight house is at the bottom right.

The map also reminds one that the MC route from its connection here with the IC to the state boarder was built by IC because the state laws at the time did not allow a railroad from another state to get a charter in Illinois.

Looking at the 1938 photo, it appears the NYC has already removed the roundhouse and freight house because that activity had been moved to their LS&MS facilities. This yard was probably supporting just locals for the industries in the area. But there was still a lot of industry in that area --- Pullman, steel plants, and Lake Calumet shipping.
1938 Aerial Photo from ILHAP
Paul Petraitis posted
Michigan Central in the Kensington yards
just south of 115th I'm pretty 1900?

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