Sunday, March 6, 2016

Monon's Freight Houses

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Bill Molony posted
Bill's comment:
Grand Trunk Western class U-3-c 4-8-4 Northern-type #6332 is shown here departing from Dearborn Station in Chicago on a sunny morning in the early 1950's with train #20, the Maple Leaf, bound for Port Huron, Michigan and Toronto, Canada.
I suspect the building on the right in the background is the Monon freight house.
Bob Lalich commented on above posting
Bob's comment:
Another interesting detail is that station track #1 is still in use for mail and express loading. A much larger shed for that purpose was built directly south of the Monon freight house in the late 40s. Here is a photo of the shed under construction. The auto might help narrow down the date. Photo from the Dan Murray collection.
Bob later identified the car as a 1949 Packard.

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