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Monon/REA Freight House

Bill Molony posted
Grand Trunk Western class U-3-c 4-8-4 Northern-type #6332 is shown here departing from Dearborn Station in Chicago on a sunny morning in the early 1950's with train #20, the Maple Leaf, bound for Port Huron, Michigan and Toronto, Canada.
Eric Reinert Couple other interesting things in this photo as well: the two Monon F-3's at left parked out beyond their freight house, and the Atlas Prager painted sign on the wall in the distance. A Chicago-brewed beer from that era.
[I suspect the building on the right in the background is the Monon freight house.]
Bob Lalich commented on Bill's posting
Another interesting detail is that station track #1 is still in use for mail and express loading. A much larger shed for that purpose was built directly south of the Monon freight house in the late 40s. Here is a photo of the shed under construction. The auto might help narrow down the date. Photo from the Dan Murray collection.
Eric Reinert 1946 Packard Clipper? The grill looks like Packard anyway.
Stuart Pearson I'm not positive as to the year, but your RIGHT ON as to it being a _Packard Eric. Whatever the Car is in the Background it looks to me to be newer than 1946 however. No matter, I LUV THIS IMAGE.
Bob Lalich 1949 Packard.
Bill Molony posted
Grand Trunk Western class U-3-c 4-8-4 Northern-type #6332 getting ready to depart from Dearborn Station in Chicago on a sunny morning in the 1950's with train #20, The Maple Leaf, bound for Port Huron, Michigan and Toronto, Canada.
Dennis DeBruler I still have to research the owner of the freight house in the upper-right corner that I keep seeing in these "Dearborn activity" shots.
Bob Lalich The freight house in the upper right corner of this shot was the Monon freight house. It was sold to REA after the Monon built a new house at South Hammond Yard in 1954 or so.
David Daruszka's photo processing of a Bill Molony posting
A Grand Trunk Western steam locomotive and a Santa Fe diesel switch engine at Dearborn Station - undated.
Dennis DeBrulerGroup Admin This shows the platform that Bob mentioned that was built south of the Monon freight house. There are some trucks actively using it.
David Daruszka shared
Classic Streamliners posted
[A good view of the REA building with the mail platform and the C&EI Outbound Freight House on the left.]

2018 Update: I have to continue to disagree with the comment. I have come across information that places the Monon freight house west of Dearborn Station: "Monon seemed to be an oddity when it came to these structures. At one time, it had a large Freight house at the corner of Polk Street between Clark Street and Federal Street, but by 1953 it was gone." [Trains]

Furthermore: "Monon's freight house next to Dearborn was vacated when a new freight house at South Hammond Yard was built. As mentioned, the old freight house was leased or sold to REA and a long platform for mail handling was erected along Federal St." [Trains, search for "04, 2016 2:09"]

The Outbound Wabash Freight House burned down in 1955. It was at 27 West Roosevelt Road, which is east and south of the Dearborn Station.

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  1. The first picture has the Wabash outbound freight house which was leased to the Post Office dept.All mail to and from dearborn station went through that facility. It never belonged to the Monon. The Monon had a facility east of dearborn station.