Sunday, March 20, 2016

Lake Shore Drive Drawbridge

From Library of Congress
(Bridge Hunter, Historic Bridges, Satellite, Bird's Eye View (the view of the east elevation is backlit, the west elevation doesn't work))

"This bridge is unusual for being a double-deck bascule bridge, and it also carries one of the heaviest traffic counts for a moveable bridge anywhere." (Bridge Hunter)

You can see many more views in the S-drive pictures.
Jeff Davies posted
New Outer Drive Bridge - Chicago's skyline glimpsed between the up-raised spans of the new Outer-Drive Bridge to be dedicated by President Roosevelt on his visit to the city on October 5. The bridge links North and South Outer Drives across the Chicago River, allowing a high speed traffic to travel along Lake Michigan's shore without a stop from far south to the far north side of the city. A Public Works Administration allotment of $1,972,363 made possible the construction of this project.
Sheila Kirby shared Chicago: ChiTown - MyTown's photo
Opening of the Outer Drive Bridge - 1937
David M Laz posted
Looking east toward the Outer Drive bridge at the mouth of the Chicago River during its' construction, circa Sept. 16, 1936. The bridge cost $11.5 million to build and when completed was the longest and widest bascule bridge in the world, the Tribune reported.
David M Laz posted
The new Outer Drive Bridge being built over the Chicago River, circa July 12, 1932. The bridge was finished and dedicated in 1937, nearly 30 years after it was first proposed in Daniel Burnham's plan of 1909.
David M Laz posted
An aerial view of the opening of the Outer Drive bridge in Chicago on Oct. 5, 1937
I saved this photo more for the industrial buildings and the pile of coal in front of the building with the smokestacks than for the crowd of people on the S-Curve.]
Raised for a bridge. Being constructed. The Tribunes photo of the grand opening.

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