Friday, March 18, 2016

Chicago Central and Pacific (CC)

Photo from Wikipedia Commons
In the 1980s, ICG sold ICwest along with most of the other segments of ICG that were not on the mainline. ICwest was sold as the CC&P and operations commenced on December 24, 1985. In 1996, IC realized they made a mistake and bought it back. (IlliniRail) It is now the Iowa Zone of CN's Southern Region. (Wikipedia)

I like that their locomotive livery paid homage to the "green diamond" logo of the IC.

John David Larson posted
Chicago Central looking good in fresh paint as seen at Hayford in 1992.
Steven J. Brown shared
Miscellaneous ratty GeeP rebuilds on the Chicago Central and Pacific at Hawthorne Yard in Cicero, Illinois - February 10, 1991.Lisa Renee Ragsdale 1st 2 are Milwaukee Road GP20's --home built from early GP9's.
John DeWit Woodlock II posted
CCP 973,971 @ Brighton Park-Chicago,IL 24 JAN 95.
[This was taken during the window after ICG sold the Chicago to Freeport route to Chicago Central & Pacific and before IC bought it back.]

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