Monday, March 7, 2016

EJ&E Porter Yard in Chesterton, IN

Matt Lasayko posted
EJ&E Baldwin center cab Chesterton IN
Chad Malinovsky East end of porter yard.
Matt Lasayko comment
Looking at a satellite image, I see the former EJ&E RoW is now the Prairie Duneland Trail.

Wayne Hudak Here's a 1951 Sanborn Fire Insurance map of Chesterton (PDF). Just enlarge to 400% seems fine to view, that's up to you. Nice track diagram of the J east of 15th Street. Scroll down to where you see a #4.

Brent Keen posted a couple of images with the comment: "I'm guessing this was looking west from around 15th and Broadway along the EJ&E Porter branch many many years ago."

[Note that North is at the bottom.]

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