Wednesday, March 9, 2016

B&OCT's Lincoln Yard

Henry Freeman posted
Henry's comment of relevance to this topic: "[This is a valuation map] showing the west end of Robey Yard and Lincoln St. Coach Yard."

Most maps of the Chicago area that I have seen that include railroad yards show Robey Street Yard but do not show Lincoln Street Yard.

Note that Robey Street has already been renamed Damen Avenue and Lincoln Street was recently renamed Wolcott Avenue when this map was drawn because both names are used on the map.

Henry Freeman comment
Lincoln St. Sanborn map.
In the comments, Henry explains that he posted a valuation map, which are more accurate than Sanborn Maps with respect to track layout. He added a Sanborn map as a comment for comparison. The 1915 Smoke Abatement report that I have been using for maps in Chicago doesn't even have Lincoln, just Robey. Probably because passenger coaches don't generate much smoke. (Robey has the engine servicing facilities.)
Scott Griffith posted
Looking East along B&OCT toward Lake Michigan with the Lincoln Street coach yard on the left. A small portion of the Robey Street roundhouse is visible on lower left side of the photo.
Scott Griffith posted
Looking South with the Lincoln Street coach yard offices and commissary in the foreground and Robey Street roundhouse and locomotive servicing facilities on the right.
Scott Griffith posted
Bob Lalich That is an interesting tidbit. He later stored his locomotive(s) at the C&WI roundhouse at 51st St.
1960 Photo by James B. Redmond, cropped, Cornell (source)
Additional photos are available in this search result.

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