Friday, March 25, 2016

Rock Island's Polk Street Tower, LaSalle Street Station

Joe M McMillan posted his March 7, 1981 photo of Polk Street Tower with a fresh coat of Bankruptcy Blue.

Fred Mohr It was painted beige when I worked there in 1986. Torn down in 1992.
Jon Roma It controlled the terminal trackage at La Salle Street Station.

On a satellite image we can see where it probably stood. I confirmed that with a 1973 aerial photo after I could not find it in this 1938 photo.

1938 Aerial Photo from ILHAP
Were a bunch of switchmen in switching shanties around the throat area still being used in 1938?
Steven J. Brown posted
Forty-one years ago today:
Rock Island F7 677 departing LaSalle Street with a Saturday afternoon commuter train to Joliet viewed from the steps of Polk Street Tower - December 4, 1976.
Dennis DeBruler It is one of the best views I have seen of the smokestack.

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