Friday, March 25, 2016

Harrison Street Tower: Controls the South Tracks of the Chicago Union Station

NorthAmericanInterlockingsphoto photo photo

Mark LLanuza Flickr photo
This ATSF passenger extra with classic FP-45's is heading to Joliet is passing the old Harrison st tower which has been closed for over 10 years. The Chicago post office sits on top of it.
Mark Hinsdale July 1971

Lance Wales posted
Lance's comment:
Here's the same BN 9925 shoving a 3 car Dinky toward Chicago Union Station on 8-20-1981. The Milwaukee Road #600 with business car "Mount Rainier" enroute to the Amtrak yard just south of my vantage point of Polk Street.
Lance sees engines and cars, I see the Harrison Street Tower in front of the old post office.  This tower used to control all of the track south of Union Station to Roosevelt Avenue. The new post office was built around and over the tower so that its operations were not disturbed. Since then, control has been transferred to the Amtrak Lake Street Tower. Look at the second photo in position-light to see how it was built on a pedestal to fit in the dense trackwork. The second and third pictures show some of the double-slip switches in the complex throat rail for CUS controlled by this tower. Tumblr has some more pictures.

Update: Chuck Zeller Flickr photo.

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