Thursday, February 2, 2017

B&O CR Tower

The CR Tower was just west of the B&O Calumet River Bridge.

Scott Griffith posted some pictures with the comment: "Only pictures I know of, of this tower."
Gary Golden CR (Calumet River) Tower, just south on 95th st. Bridge. The B&O tower (16th street bridge) at 16th and Lumber St. Was over the Chicago River the operator also controlled the Airline bridge.


Gary Golden The elimination of 4.2 jobs CR Tower.
Scott Griffith They hold tower men senority, so they would just make a senority move to the next desired tower. Then when all towers were gone, I think they fell into Clerks senority and possible yardmaster senority.
Third picture in a posting by Scott Griffith
[Fortunately it was early spring and the leaves don't hide the tower.]

1938 Aerial Photo from ILHAP
You can see the tower, and its shadow, in the upper-left corner of this excerpt of a 1938 aerial photo.

Some comments on another posting by Scott Griffith:
Rich Thielman This tower was only about 2 blocks away from Lake Michigan. It had windows on all four walls, and there usually was a nice breeze blowing through. Also, if you saw a big cruiser coming with pretty girls in bikinis on the deck, you could put the bridge down for a while and walk out and chat with them. LOL
Rick Smith ..That's whatcha call "leveraging" a meet.

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