Saturday, February 18, 2017

Mackinaw River Meanders

While looking for the old Chicago & Alton bridge over the Mackinaw River, I noticed that some of the "Mackinaw River" labels were not on the river. So I looked some more along the river and found this extreme of two cut-throughs since someone at Google created the road map from a satellite image.


Road Map
That river does some serious movement considering how small it is.

I decided I'm not going to do a separate posting for each river that meanders. Rather I'll collect this evidence of the power of flowing water in this posting.

See Wabash River Meanderings for several examples of the river changing its banks including a rather recent cut-through at Grayville, IL.

An article about two tracks being washed out that includes a video. I love the quote: “You got a lot of people working on this.” The article explained that you may have a lot of people talking about this, but the Department of Transportation is not allowed to work on saving Highway 7 because the land is privately owned. The caption for the video indicates the railway is unused. I've seen a lot of single track routes that are unused, but this is the first time I have seen a 3-track route being idle. The price of steel scrap must be real low.

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