Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Rock Island Bridge over Kansas River in Kansas City

(Bridge Hunter, 1905-1980) The name was Armourdale Bridge.
3D Satellite
Some of the Bridge Hunter photos confirm it is a lift bridge. It certainly didn't lift very far. My guess is that it used some sort of screw-jack mechanism.

Rock Island posted
Michael Jorgensen ballast or sand cars are common to keep spans from being washed from abutments.John Matrow And it is still there.Rick McLaughlin With no tracks on either side.Bob Blomberg LOL! They tried leaving cars on a bridge in Cedar Rapids during that big flood 8 or 9 years ago, and the water pushed the cars over, creating a dam that made the water rise faster!

Street View
A profile shot that shows a bend in the bridge. The comment indicates it is locked in the up position. But that is not what any of the photos indicate, including recent satellite images.

Another Back Roads Photographer profile shot of the bridge has the comment:
Chris Knight It was actually in operation after Kemper Opened until Rock Island demise. The tracks were there until at least the mid 80s. I remember seeing the tracks at Kemper when I was younger. By the 90s the tracks were gone and the Bridge is now locked in the up position carrying some sort of telecommunications line across it now.

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