Wednesday, February 22, 2017

UP/K D Line/C&NW Branch in Loves Park, IL

I never heard of Loves Park, IL until I researched Barber-Colman. And then just a few days later I see:

Brian Keith Landis posted
Look's like some one need;s to put in some new tie's i could hear the train honking and honking it's horn all the way from the house . got out the old bike rode down to Windsor Road Missed it already on it way to Rockford . this is looked south near the end of the line .taken by me today .Brian Landis Photo
North of River Side Road in Loves Park il looking south
Former K D Line / C.N.W RR now own by U.P.RR
Kenosha .Rockford and Rock Island Railroad
Brian's comments imply this branch was sold to a shortline railroad and then UP bought it back. The ties look bad, but the rails are not rusty.

The turnout just beyond a small bridge in the background and the access road turning to the right indicates his location was about here.

Brian Keith Landis posted
2 tank car's parked at the end of the K D Line Brian Landis Photo 2017
Rock Valley Oil & Chemical is the only spur I saw cars on when I checked a satellite image. Other companies I found with industrial spurs were Cimco Resources, United Pipe & Steel Corporation, Fastenal, and Kraft Foods. The branch does street running on Madison Street and shares the tracks with the Rockford Trolley.

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