Wednesday, February 22, 2017

UP/K D Line/C&NW Branch in Loves Park, IL

I never heard of Loves Park, IL until I researched Barber-Colman. And then just a few days later I see:

Brian Keith Landis posted
Look's like some one need;s to put in some new tie's i could hear the train honking and honking it's horn all the way from the house . got out the old bike rode down to Windsor Road Missed it already on it way to Rockford . this is looked south near the end of the line .taken by me today .Brian Landis Photo
North of River Side Road in Loves Park il looking south
Former K D Line / C.N.W RR now own by U.P.RR
Kenosha .Rockford and Rock Island Railroad
Brian's comments imply this branch was sold to a shortline railroad and then UP bought it back. The ties look bad, but the rails are not rusty.

The turnout just beyond a small bridge in the background and the access road turning to the right indicates his location was about here.

Brian Keith Landis posted
2 tank car's parked at the end of the K D Line Brian Landis Photo 2017
Rock Valley Oil & Chemical is the only spur I saw cars on when I checked a satellite image. Other companies I found with industrial spurs were Cimco Resources, United Pipe & Steel Corporation, Fastenal, and Kraft Foods. The branch does street running on Madison Street and shares the tracks with the Rockford Trolley.

Robby Gragg posted
Today's KD local heads down Madison St and past Mary's place in Rockford. The KD Line used to run between Rockford and Kenosha. This is one of three short stretches remaining, and once a week UP runs up to Loves Park on it.

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