Thursday, February 2, 2017

"Hover" Dam

Engineering World posted
Hover Dam
This is indeed a concrete arch dam locked into canyon walls, but it is quickly obvious that it is not the Hoover Dam because of the outlet at the bottom and no big Lake Mead behind it. It is a pun about an excavator hovering from a crane. Note the pads they had to build for the outriggers of the crane.
Andrew Romano This isn't in the US. and the funny part is, they are taking the dam out. There's a guy in the excavator and hes going to start pulling the dam apart from the middle. wink.

I don't know what he has in mind concerning the "wink." The pun on hover vs Hoover or the fact that this seems like cutting off a branch of a tree by setting on the part that is going to fall. Perhaps the comment is wrong and the excavator is removing bad concrete so that it can be replaced. Given that they do have an outlet at the bottom, if they are taking the dam out, I would assume they would drain the reservoir first. I tend to agree with one of the comments, this posting begs for more information.
Peter Jensen Seriously....I can't even get real information from this freakin page. It isn't even political!!

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