Wednesday, February 22, 2017

BNSF/BN/Frisco 1892 Bridge over Mississippi River in Memphis, TN

(Bridge Hunter, John A. Weeks III3D Satellite)
HAER TENN,79-MEMPH,19--1 from HAER

The Harahan Bridge is the one on the right and the one on the left is I-55.

M.J. Scanlon has a 2003 Flickr photo of a BNSF train coming off the bridge. The lead engine is still in a BN livery.

M.J. Scanlon has a 2003 closeup of BNSF "cigar band" coming off the bridge.

Jim Ammons posted
Z-ATGSBD crossing the rebuilt Frisco Bridge over Mississippi River at Memphis 3-31-17
Jim Ammons BNSF had to completely replace the bridge over land in Arkansas as the bridge piers were sinking into the dirt. The part of the bridge over the river with piers in the water is good, nothing replaced on that part of the bridge.
M.J. Scanlon Flickr 2005 Photo shows all of the Arkansas approach before its replacement including three cut-stone piers.

Norfolk Southern Corp posted
A westbound Union Pacific Railroad train crosses the Harahan Bridge into West Memphis, Arkansas, with a Thoroughbred locomotive leading the way. This train originated as Norfolk Southern train number 17Z in Sheffield, Alabama, and continues west as a Union Pacific "run-though" train. NS crews operate between Sheffield and Memphis, where they swap crews with UP. The Memphis skyline can be seen a few miles in the distance, across the Mississippi River.
Norfolk Southern has 1,780 employees, 840 railroad retirement recipients, and 1,304 miles of track in the state of Alabama
Randy James posted
the Frisco(bnsf) constructed in 1892 rail bridge, taken from the pedestrian walkway on the harahan constructed in 1914, rock island, mopac & cotton belt (union Pacific) bridge in west Memphis Arkansas sunset, the bridge in the background is the Arkansas-Tennessee (old bridge) i-55

M.J. Scanlon Flickr 2004 Photo

M.J. Scanlon Flickr 2006 Photo

M.J. Scanlon Flickr 2018 Photo

Terry Redeker Flickr 3/7/2018 Photo, GP39-3 local over flood waters in Arkansas

Teerry Redeker posted three aerial views of the flood scene by these bridges.

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