Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Ice cream contains wood pulp (cellulose)

Norfolk Southern Corp posted
Norfolk Southern ships approximately two million tons of wood pulp annually. Why is this important to you? Because wood pulp (cellulose) is an ingredient in products such as; ice cream, crackers, pizza sauce, and bbq sauce. So the next time you're enjoying one of those products, give some thanks for freight rail
Micah Jones woodchip trains make up half of Asheville NC Railyard
Robert Clegg All those bags of shredded cheese. Wood pulp stops it from clumping and binding.
Ben Carpenter And Parmesan cheese
Raiford Wilson Not all food products are "digested." Cellulose is used as a filler/binder and passes on through.
Audrey Borger Cellulose...fiber, ...fiber is also found in celery, carrots, corn, beans and most other fruits and veggies. Why we have to extract it from trees/wood is beyond me.

[So does ice cream contribute towards my fiber requirements? That would be another excuse to eat it. I currently don't have any ice cream in the house to check the label.]

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