Thursday, February 2, 2017

What our federal tax dollars help pay for to try to keep Louisiana dry

John Mcclung posted
Ron Jones Big job! Raised the levy wall 15' or so! A lot pile driving about a mile long on that one spot a operator took that pic driving in one morning!Justin Brewer LPV 148. 8 miles of sheet pile and H-pile from 80' to 180'. 3 H-pile every 4' on center.Tommy Funk I believe there were around 117 at one time. Was on nights. This picture only show you about a quarter or less of what was actually there.
Chalmet Louisiana during 2012 or 2013.]

Glenn Alan Jackson also posted
Glenn Alan Jackson This was a pic on the levee job in New Orleans after Katrina
Greg Scher That is down in Chalmette, Louisiana just slightly east of New Orleans on the way to the Chevron Refinery.
Lynn Johnson Yes sir. Big Corps levee/ flood wall Project we were on in New Orleans. No....there not all ours.... but some Of them were!

Driving 160 ft long batter piles with 2250

Long days and longer nights! Every pile driving company in the south worked in that section of levee!
Lynn Johnson I believe it was call LPV 148
Jesse Worthley Drunkenly ...28 maybe 29
Gregg Tullos posted
New Orleans floodwall 2012 !

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