Monday, February 13, 2017

C&WI Roosevelt Road (12th Street) Interlocking

(Taylor Street Yard was the same yard.)

When I uploaded the C&EI1964ChicagoDearborn-300lg.pdf file to the Chicagoland Railfan Group, it originally had the date 1953 instead of 1964. Bob Lalich indicated that it had to be at least 1964 because it showed the new layout of the throat under Roosevelt Road.

I've seen reference to the C&WI 12th Street Tower. Since Roosevelt Road was originally named 12th Street, this would be the location of that tower.

This is an excerpt from the C&EI map:

C&EI1964ChicagoDearborn-300lg.pdf file from Chicagoland Railfan Group
A 1949 drawing when most of the switches were manual:

Comment by Bob Lalich on my map upload
[If you click the diagram, you will get the resolution that was available in the Facebook posting.]
"This drawing is from 1964, when the throat was simplified and the manual switches eliminated."

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