Thursday, February 23, 2017

Monon Bridge over Deer Creek east of Delphi, IN

(Bridge Hunter, note that there are more pictures in the comments; Satellite)
Mark Alan Smith posted
Here Is One of Carroll County's Treasures--The Monon High Bridge East of Delphi, Indiana.
Judging from the cut stone piers on the banks and the concrete pier in the middle, it used to be a truss bridge that got rebuilt as a steel girder bridge.

Indiana Landmarks
Note there is a high river bank on the left side, but, if you look at the satellite image, a long trestle over a flood plain on the right side. Also, the water has badly eroded stone out of the bottom of the 1891 left pier. Evidently CSX has not let the trail system around Delphi take responsibility for the bridge. And since CSX abandoned it in 1987, they won't do any repairs. So we set back and watch CSX let it crumble. I would think CSX would be glad to get a liability off their hands and give it to the trail system.

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Indiana Landmarks is going to accept the bridge from CSX, repair it, and then give it to Deer Creek Township who will extend a trail to the bridge. Heartland Heritage will lease it to maintain it as a trail bridge. [IndianaLandmarks]

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