Friday, February 10, 2017

First NC machine tool in 1952

Bob Gaston posted
The first NC machine tool, which was demonstrated at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1952.
I noticed they didn't say CNC (Computer Numerical Control). Do all of those cabinets hold relays instead of a computer? The first Univac as dedicated on June 14, 1951. Computers were definitely bleeding-edge technology in 1952 and were made with vacuum tubes.

Modern 5-axis CNC milling machines is why the classical machines tools such as lathes, planners, shapers, boring machines, etc are now obsolete. Now you mount a hunk of metal in the machine, close the lid, and push start on the control panel assume the correct numerical control instructions have already been uploaded. You probably sometimes have to change or sharpen the tool bit.

The development of 3D-printing may make milling machines obsolete.

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