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1909 CSX/B&O Bridge over Susquehanna River at Perryville, MD

(Bridge Hunter; no Historic Bridges (Nathan contributed to Bridge Hunter); HAERSatellite)
Built 1907-09 by Baltimore & Ohio RR as double-track bridge and opened January 6, 1910, later single-tracked. [BridgeHunter]
I used the "wwPA" label even though this bridge is in Maryland because the Susquehanna River is primarily in Pennsylvania.

Jack Stoner posted
MW [Maintenance of Way] season approaches as CSX moves rail east over the Susquehanna River Bridge at Perryville, MD February 18, 2017. Hot move also, (apparently), because the DS had an Intermodal "In the Hole" at Aiken waiting for this action and a CSX manifest to go east before cutting the westbound "Hotshot" loose. Hmmmmmm?
[It is interesting that a rail train would have priority over an intermodal train. The more I see of CSX, the lower my opinion of them becomes. Rail is something they should have been able to plan well in advance. If there was an emergency like a washout, they would probably be shipping "snaptrack" instead of continuous ribbon rail.]

HAER MD,13-HAV,4--3
[The west channel is in the foreground, then Garret Island and then the east channel is in the background.]

Street View, west channel looking upstream
Is the bedrock a lot deeper in the middle of this channel? That is the only reason I can think of to have a non-navigation span longer than the navigation span. The deck truss seems tall enough that it could have been a through truss and provided a really wide navigation channel.
Street View, east channel looking upstream
Even stranger, much of the space under the navigation span is unusable because there is land just downstream!
3D Satellite

Jack Stoner posted
Sometimes the train is far from the subject of the image; or, well it's just there. Not a Professional Engineer by trade, still I have always been awed by the massive loading and long spans of railway bridges. Star of the show here is the B&O Susquehanna River Bridge, Perryville, MD, (completed 1910); in my opinion, a huge work of art in steel & stone. Coming east off of Garrett Island in the transition from Deck Girder to Pratt Deck Truss, CSX 6157/6236 ply the now single track 107 year old structure. Minutes later I photographed two GEVO's at the same location, sorry GE fans, seeing as engineering works of art are on display here; the Geeps win out.

Jack Stoner posted
I always liked this unglamorous, gritty, workaday, waterfront image at the east end of the B&O Susquehanna River Bridge at Perryville, MD; so I did it again today - sorry to bore everyone......

Jack Stoner posted
A heavy eastbound CSX manifest treads the 107 year old B&O Susquehanna River Bridge Perryville, MD 2/18/17.
Jack seems to be inconsistent about the use of Havre de Grace vs. Perryville for this bridge that goes between the two towns.

Jack Stoner posted
CSX train Q219 rumbles east across the 6109 foot, (longest on the B&O system), Susquehanna River Bridge at Havre de Grace, MD. and is about to cross over Garrett Island named for B&O President John W. Garrett who was instrumental in the B&O crossing of the Susquehanna River. After previously using trackage rights on the parallel PW&B bridge, (Philadelphia, Wilmington and Baltimore), a (PRR) affiliate; the B&O originally bridged the river on this same site in 1886, the present structure opened in 1910, is double tracked and capable of a much heavier loading. Photo 3/5/17

Jack Stoner posted
CSX train Q219 rumbles east across the B&O Susquehanna River Bridge at Havre de Grace, MD on a cold and blustery March 5, 2017. At 6109 feet, this structure was the longest continuous bridge span on the B&O system. Opened in 1910, this bridge replaced the original (1886) viaduct at the same site.
Jack Stoner posted
At 6109 feet, the Susquehanna River Bridge was the longest on the B&O system; completed in 1910 on the same alignment as the original 1886 structure, it originally carried 2 tracks. With the B&O's single tracking of the Philadelphia Sub Division after discontinuance of passenger service here; the viaduct now bares 1 track. Eastbound CSX Intermodal rumbles across a frigid Susquehanna River at Perryville, MD January 31, 2015.

It looks like the height is near the limit of a fireboat.
RAILROAD BRIDGES, TRESTLES, TUNNELS AND CUTS posted, Photo by Susquehanna Hose Co.
What happens when there's a fire on a railroad bridge crossing a river? The good news here is that it was put out and rail traffic has resumed. Hats off to all fire responders.
This was on the CSX bridge that crosses the Susquehanna River.
Walter Haner Good on the FD. Not everyone coulda put that out. That would have been a MAJOR loss for the NEC
Flickr photo of four bridges (Bill Neill shared)
Dennis DeBruler This is looking downstream along the west channel because I see the swing span of the other railroad in the left background.

River Rail Photo posted the last circus train crossing this bridge. It must be a drone shot because there are no skyscrapers on Garret Island.

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