Friday, February 10, 2017

Monon Bridge over Little Calumet River in Munster, IN

(Bridge Hunter, Satellite)

Since the L&N/Monon north of where it joins the former GTW route was abandoned, Munster has created a trail. The original bridge had 9 steel girder spans. They removed the piers for the five center spans and used a truss trail bridge to cross the river. And they added handrails to the four remaining original spans.

Don Sherwood posted four pictures with the comment:
These are some views of the former Monon mainline crossing the Little Calumet River in Hammond/Munster, Indiana. Abandoned in the early 80's and now a bike trail, it will soon be a railroad again. The South Shore Commuter Railroad will be running an extension right down the old mainline from the gateway area at the state line with Illinois, down through Hammond and ending in Dyer, Indiana. For railroad buffs, this is a dream come see an abandoned rail line come to life once again....





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