Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Canyon Diablo RR Bridges

(no Bridge Hunter, Satellite, you can see the arch in the shadow)
Public Domain from wpclipart
Jeerry Jackson posted two photos with the comment: "Canyon Diablo, yesterday 2.23.17."


Arthur Robinson commented on a posting
Photo of 1882 bridge from U.S. Geological Survey
Steven J. Brown posted
BNSF SD70MAC 9650 (built 1995) provides relief from the parade of orange at Canyon Diablo, Arizona - January 18, 2019.
Steven J. Brown posted
BNSF ES44C4 8111 leads across the bridge at Canyon Diablo, Arizona - January 18, 2019.

Francis Otterbein posted three photos with the comment:
Canyon Diablo Bridge (Now and Then)
Canyon Diablo, also known as the “Devil’s Canyon”, is located on a Navajo Reservation in north central Arizona. The town of Diablo Canyon used to exist where the BNSF Railway now spans the deep canyon west of Winslow, Arizona
The town of Canyon Diablo was very short lived with a very dark and seedy history. The town sprang up as a railroad work camp on the west side of the canyon in 1882.




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