Monday, February 6, 2017

West Pullman Junction: PRR (Panhandle) vs. IC Branch

(no CRJ, Satellite)
Mark Hinsdale posted two photos of this junction with the comment:
"West Pullman..." 
West Pullman, on Chicago's Far South Side, was the location at which Illinois Central's electirfied Blue Island Branch crossed the Pennsylvania Railroad ("Panhandle") main line from Logansport IN to Chicago's 59th Street Yard and beyond. By this June, 1977 date, the ex PRR line, now owned by Conrail, was down to a handful of freight trains a day, as CR worked toward the complete abandonment of the line that would come in a few short years. But for the time being, West Pullman Tower still presided over the frequent IC Electric and occasional CR freight moves across the diamonds here.
Jon Roma Typical frame Pennsy tower!


Image from PennsyRR
Paul Jevert posted Mark's photos. John Eagan provided three Flickr photos as comments on Paul's posting: 1, 2, and 3.

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