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C&O/Pere Marquette Rockwell Street Yard

(see below for satellite location)

John W. Barriger III Flickr


1938 Aerial Photo from ILHAP
Scott Griffith posted two photos:

1915 Smoke Abatement Report
Richie Sek Jr. posted
Chuck Guzik Ole C&O yard at Rockwell
Mark Bilecki Sr. East bound at Rockwell st approaching Forest Hill jct
Dennis DeBruler So the train is taking a track that curves around the north side of Rockwell Yard. I would have thought Othrough trains would use the straight tracks on the south side of the yard.
John DeWit Woodlock II posted two photos with the comment: "BRC 534,533 @ Columbus Ave (Rockwell Street Yard)-Chicago,IL 24 MAR 96."



Trainbook posting
C&O Rockwell Yard, Chicago IL 04-67, by RNS!
Brian Morgan I think these were yard units that used to work the old Pere Marquette Rockwell Yard off of Kedzie Avenue and 73rd Street. These have the markings of C&O.,. B&OCT Units by this era had a large B&OCT RR painted on both sides of the engine cabinets along each side of the cowling. Like this one at Grand Central Station in Chicago.

C&O Rockwell Yard, Chicago IL 04-67, By RNS
David Daruszka edited a photo shared by Bill Molony
Chesapeake & Ohio SW7 #5218 totes a caboose through the east end of Rockwell Yard in Chicago as the engineer of a GP30 looks on during January, 1965. Roger Puta photo.
safe_image for George Paruch's post of a link
Dad worked at C&O Railroad Rockwell Yards from 1958-1974. 7600 S. Kedzie. Believe it has closed down.
George Paruch shared
Andre Kristopans Some tracks still there used for storage of retired freight cars.
George Paruch shared
Bill Burns Apparently the site is for sale: https://images1.loopnet.com/.../98vwFPL.../document.pdf
Robert Ward The lot for sale was the location of Rheem Manufacturing Company. They closed in 1990.
Bill Leipart II That yard belongs to BRC now.
Bob Lalich It always did. PM/C&O leased it.
Robert Ward commented on George's share
Belt Railway Company of Chicago track crews repairing the Columbus Ave. grade crossing at the south end of Rockwell yard.
Dennis DeBruler Calling it the south end instead of the east end is another reminder that BRC uses north/south timecard directions.

While discussing cows and calfs, we got into a discussion about C&O in Chicago.
Dennis DeBrulerYou and 1 other manage the membership, moderators, settings, and posts for Chicago Railroad Historians. Wait, C&O finally made it to Chicago. They were part of the C&WI gang, but where was their freight house and freight yard? Actually, they kind of bounced around. At one time they went to the Grand Central Station.
David DaruszkaDavid and 1 other manage the membership, moderators, settings, and posts for Chicago Railroad Historians. Rockwell Street Yard at 75th and Kedzie.  They used the CWI and BRC for connections.
Bob Lalich C&O had freight houses at South Water St Yard on the IC and near Grand Central on the B&OCT. The latter was originally Pere Marquette.

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