Monday, February 27, 2017

PRR's 55th Street Yard

(Satellite, Pennsy's engine servicing facilities used to be on the southeast part of what is now a Norfolk Southern yard )
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PRR passenger steam locomotives were serviced at 55th St Yard. The roundhouse was on the north side of "The Boulevard". Freight steam was serviced at 59th St Yard. This is a photo of 55th St roundhouse.
[I believe we see the top of the skip hoist for the coal tower in the foreground.]
1938 Aerial Photo form ILHAP
Pennsy's (originally Pittsburgh, Fort Wayne & Chicago Railway) yard would be on the east side of this complex. The C&WI ran along the western side. Below is a closeup of the engine servicing facilities.

1938 Aerial Photo form ILHAP
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55th Street engine facilities.
Bob Lalich Flickr 1986 Photo, C&NW transfer at 47th (CPL and PLS signals) to this yard

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