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1907-1951 Lost/Illinois Terminal McKinley Bridge over Illinois River at Peoria, IL

(Bridge Hunter; Satellite)

This bridge was designed by Ralph Modjeski. He used a double-leaf Rall Bascule for the movable spans.

Postcard via BridgeHunter

Google eBook via BridgeHunter

The tall smokestack on the right of the above image was probably their (Illinois Terminal) power house. (Note the North arrow on this map. Peoria is normally left of East Peoria on a map.)
Alexander Golman posted
Illinois Terminal yard, bridge, and stations around Peoria.

1950 Peoria East @ 24,000

This is the best view I've seen of the roller, track girder and swing strut of a Rall Bridge Design.
Photo via Bridge Hunter

Digitally Zoomed to photo resolution

And another view in the raised position. Note the men on top of the right-hand leaf. You can see the roller and track girder on that side.
Photo via Bridge Hunter

Andy Zukowski posted
The Illinois Terminal Railroad drawbridge in Peoria, IL, 1942.
John Petit: taken out by a barge in what year?
David Jordan: John Petit February 12, 1970.
Mike Johnson: John Petit and it was repaired.
[The swing bridge in the right background was the TP&W Bridge.]

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