Sunday, July 21, 2024

1913 Sunset Bridge over Latah Creek in Spokane, WA

(Historic Bridges; Satellite)

This 1,070' (326m) long bridge has a main span of 150' (46m). [HistoricBridges]

Monroe Street Bridge is the other historical concrete arch bridge in Spokane.

The BNSF/BN Bridge is the one above the Sunset Bridge.
Street View, Jul 2023

Street View, Sep 2013

Bridges Now and Then posted
The Sunset Bridge over Latah Creek, Spokane, Washington, is shown under construction, looking northeast. It opened to traffic in 1913. (Spokesman Archive Photo)

In 2012, traffic was reduced from four lanes to just the two center lanes.  "Additional weight limits were imposed in 2021, with specialized hauling trucks with more than four axles barred from passing over the bridge." In 2024, the bridge "has new weight restrictions and is barred to some large vehicles, including garbage trucks, aerial fire trucks and other specialized trucks exceeding 22 tons after the most recent inspection found the structure has further deteriorated." Restoration of traffic capacity back to four lanes to accommodate growing traffic demands is estimated to cost $65m.


Saturday, July 20, 2024

1915 NS/CP/D&H/WBCRR Gauntlet Bridge over Susquehanna River in Wilkes-Barre, PA

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WBCRR = Wilkes-Barre Connecting Railroad

An aerial photo of the bridge

Sebastian Segiel posted
NS #8005 and #9849 crossing the Susquehanna River
Raymond Bozek: 11Z-13
Erik Vince: Damn that river is still high

Sebastian Segiel posted
Norfolk Southern 1074 on her 'home' turf.

It has a long approach viaduct on the west side.
Street View, Dec 2022

ModelTrainForum, 1 of several photos

Note the concrete structure to the right of the middle of this photo. One set of tracks ended there. A comment on this photo speculates that a coal unloading trestle used to be here.
Street View, Apr 2012

This is a view of the east side of that concrete structure.
ViewOfTheBlue, 1 of several photos of the bridge. This webpage also has a history of the Wilkes-Barre Connecting Railroad. The WBCRR was a joint effort by D&H and Pennsy, which was incorporated in 1912. "The entire line of 6.641 miles was completed and placed in operation on March 29, 1915."

I could not find the location of this bridge, but the photo shows how high the river got during the Hurricane Agnes Flood.
The United States National Guard, “Wilkes-Barre, Pa - Military Helicopter Aerial Of Railroad Bridge Over The Susquehanna River And Hurricane Agnes Flood”. Wilkes University, Wilkes University - Hurricane Agnes Flood photographs, July 1970.

Friday, July 19, 2024

Lock #33 on New York State Barge Canal in Brighton, NY

(HAERSatellite, 376 photos)

This lock has a lift of 25' (7.6m). [HAER]

There were eleven street views available, but all of them had the downstream gates closed.
Street View, Jun 2022

John Kucko Digital posted four photos with the comment:
Footbridge on the Move (update):  With barge one—carrying half of that pedestrian bridge to Buffalo and Ralph Wilson Park there—reaching its destination successfully yesterday afternoon, the focus now turns to barge two.  THAT barge remains in the Rochester area at Lock 33 in Brighton, NY where I caught it this morning with the backup of a rainbow.  Crew from the NYS Canal Corporation used one of their tugs yesterday to push it through Lock 32 in Pittsford, as well as this lock here.  It will save the crew from Carver Marine Towing about 45 minutes or so when they return with their large tug.  That tug, the CMT Otter, overnighted in Buffalo and is expected to use a good part of today returning to this lock in Brighton.  Presumably, they will spend tomorrow and Friday getting barge two into Buffalo, repeating what they did the last two days with barge one.  I’ve been getting lots of messages from folks across Western New York who missed barge one—this will be your chance to see it. Carver Companies will be providing solid updates on barge two.




Thursday, July 18, 2024

Medina Culvert on New York State Barge Canal east of Medina, NY

(Satellite, 125 photos; Satellite, 143 photos)

This is the only road under the Erie Canal.

Street View, Aug 2011

T S, Aug 2023

July 15, 2024:
John Kucko Digital posted
Footbridge on the Move (update):  Not the shot I wanted—but with light rain and thunder in the distance I didn’t want to risk things with a drone shot.  Barge one, carrying the pedestrian bridge to Buffalo and Ralph Wilson Park there, has just passed above the iconic Medina Culvert—the ONLY spot along the Erie Canal where vehicles pass UNDER the historic waterway.  Bottom image was a test shot before nasty weather rumbled through here.  The Captain has decided to keep pushing west, maybe stopping with this barge in Gasport, NY for the evening.  Stay tuned….

Sherry Tuohey commented on John's post
Was able to get this cool picture of Culvert Rd history plaque with the barge passing.

July 17, 2024:
John Kucko Digital posted
Footbridge on the Move (update):  That tug, the CMT Otter, that has been doing some amazing work along the historic Erie Canal the last two weeks is on the move east and heading back toward the Rochester area.  Here it passes above the ONLY spot on this historic waterway, where vehicles pass BELOW the canal—the Medina Culvert.  It will eventually link up with barge two that is tied up at Lock 33 in Brighton, NY.  That barge is carrying the second half of the pedestrian bridge that is being delivered to Buffalo and Ralph Wilson Park there—barge one arrived in Buffalo yesterday afternoon [Jul 16, 2024], pushed by this tug here.  For those across Western New York who missed the move yesterday—you’ll get another chance tomorrow.

July 19, 2024, 7:33am:
John Kucko Digital posted
Footbridge on the Move (update):  TERRIFIC sight on this sun splashed morning at the Medina Culvert—the ONLY spot on the entire Erie Canal where vehicles go UNDER the historic waterway.  Barge 2 carrying that pedestrian footbridge to Buffalo—where it will span the 190 at Ralph Wilson Park—has just crossed over the tunnel as it proceeds west toward Buffalo.  I wanted to get this the other day—but with storms in the region—decided not to launch the drone.  Special thanks, as always, to my friends Vertigo Drones for the ongoing assistance when it comes to my drone work.  This specific spot on the canal was featured in Ripley’s Believe It or Not back in the day—no area like it!  Middleport, Gasport, Lockport—it’s heading your way.  This ends my documentation of this historic move on the treasured Erie Canal (got other things to do).  Thank you for following along!
John Kucko Digital posted
America the Beautiful:  Medina, NY in Orleans County is one of the very best canal towns along the historic Erie Canal.  To see the massive barge transporting that pedestrian bridge to Buffalo this morning there, next to Medina Falls, was VERY cool.

July 19, 2024, 6:30pm:
John Kucko Digital posted
Slow Going:  It has been an adventurous last 12 days following the slow, tedious progress of the two barges that are transporting the massive pedestrian bridge along the entire length of the Erie Canal from Albany to Buffalo.  Captured this early this morning at the Medina Culvert—the only spot on the canal where vehicles tunnel UNDER this historic waterway.  You can see the tug and barge number 2 stirring up all sorts of mud along the way—often they are just crawling as they travel west.  Barge 1 arrived in Buffalo on Tuesday afternoon, barge 2 is closing in on Buffalo and will be tied for the night in Tonawanda.  I’ve completely enjoyed documenting this historic use of this canal, now in its 199th season of operation.  Next year marks the bicentennial of this treasure—a vital part of America’s growth back in the day.

1927,1988 McKeesport-Duquesne Bridge over Monongahela River at McKeesport, PA

(Archived Bridge Hunter; Historic Bridges; pghbridges; Satellite, 18 photos)

Street View, Dec 2021

"This large truss bridge is an extremely late example of a pin-connected truss bridge due to its 1927 construction date. By this time rivet connections were almost always the standard." [HistoricBridges]
River View, Feb 2021

This bridge is 2,252' (686m) long with three river spans of 382' (116m).

River View, Feb 2021

"The main structure passes over about 60 railroad tracks of the Pennsylvania Railroad, Baltimore and Ohio railroad and the Pittsburgh and Lake Erie railroad."

This is the photo that motivated this research. The McKeesport-Duquesne Bridge is the one in the background, and the GAP Trail/US Steel/Pennsy+B&O Bridge is the one in the foreground.
Dave Kuntz posted via Dennis DeBruler

The bridge goes bluff-to-bluff, but they had to remove some of a bluff to connect some of the approach roads.

Wednesday, July 17, 2024

Trail Arch Bridge over New York State Barge Canal at Genesee River


The arch bridge is now a trail bridge. The truss bridge is abandoned. I'm surprised how many abandoned bridges I have seen across the canal.
Boat View, Jun 2018

John Kucko Digital posted
Footbridge on the Move (update):  VERY cool scene just now (6:55am) [Jul 15, 2024] as barge one, carrying the pedestrian bridge that will be put in place at Ralph Wilson Park in Buffalo, is on the move on the historic Erie Canal.  Right here at Genesee Valley Park, the barge has intersected with the Genesee River at the arch bridge here.  Barge one continues to travel west.

Tuesday, July 16, 2024

1912 Lock #29 on New York State Barge Canal near Palmyra, NY

(HAERSatellite, 115 photos)

This lock has a lift of 16' (5m). [HAER]

Drone's Eye View, May 2021
One of two barges carrying the parts for the Ralph Wilson Park Footbridge.
Carver Companies posted
Thank you lock 29 Palmyra, NY! We are loving all the support!
Next stop lock 30 Macedon, NY ETA 4:15 pm 7/13/24.

The lock is peaking through the trees on the left.
Trevor Sheridan, Jul 2018

I presume the headrace for the powerhouse was dug to keep the current away from the lock.

Emptying the lock creates a strong flow, but boats don't dock here. They are in the lock when this current happens.
Michele Scherzi, Aug 2019