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Barges Allided with CSX/L&N 1931 Bridge over Cumberland River in Nashville, TN

(Bridge Hunter, Nashville History3D Satellite)

USCG Photo from MarineLog
The upstream guard pier was destroyed when two of the barges of this tow allided with the pier in March, 2017. The Steve Plummer had twin 350hp engines. 700hp could push the tow at only 3.5mph against the 3mph current, and it did not have enough additional power to maneuver past the bridge. Even though the towboat could handle four loaded barges in slack water and three barges in a normal current, the company has reduced the tow size to a maximum of two barges under this bridge. [MarineLog] Given that one barge is still tied to the towboat, it appears that he was pushing a 1x3 tow.

3D Satellite
If you look at this photo by Calvin Sneed, you will see that both guard piers and the pivot pier were made with cut stone. But if you look at the 3D Satellite image, it is clear that the upstream guard pier is now made with concrete. I'm very impressed that Google's 3D imaging is up to date enough to catch the new pier.
"CSX Railroad Bridge over the Cumberland at Nashville, 2010, MNA" from Nashville History
Joe Tessmer shared
Railroad Bridge on Cumberland River at Clarksville. Flood of 1937.
From USACE collection.

Calvin Sneed's photo shows over 45' of clearance during more normal times. It looks like there was also at least 45' of clearance in July 2008 when Jack Schmidt took a photo.

Francis Otterbein posted
RJ Corman, Clarksville TN

Francis Otterbein posted
Swing through truss bridge over Cumberland River on R.J. Corman Railroad Line at Clarksville, TN

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