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IHB+Fort Wayne Junction: IHB/NYC vs Pennsy in East Chicago

(see below for satellite)
NorthAmericanInterlockings: see below
Chicago and Northern Indiana Railroad Interlocking Towers (click the marker for the correct information)

Pennsy called this junction Indiana Harbor, and IHB called it Fort Wayne because it was Pennsy's Pittsburgh, Fort Wayne & Chicago route. Note the IHB route was really owned by NYC because it is the northern part of the Kankakee Belt. But it was, and is, operated by IHB.

William Shopotkin posted three images with the comment:
Here are a couple of pix of the tower Indiana Harbor (East Chicago, IN) -- where the IHB x/o PC (PRR). They were taken by Dr. Robert Breese of the back end of Amtrak's EB BROADWAY LIMITED on July 17, 1974. Also included is a diagram of the interlocking. Sadly, the one-time PRR thru the area is but a memory.
Eric Powell The concrete slab for this tower is still visible, barely, right next to the Cline Avenue bridge going over the IHB.
William Shopotkin also posted
Bill Dobbin I was told by old Harbor belt guy's the tower was called Fort Wayne tower....
Anyone have confirmation of that or did it go by another name?
William E. Poole Bill Dobbin did.
Robert J. Hoekstra Bill Dobbin I worked there for a time. The IHB called the tower “Fort Wayne Tower”. The PRR. called the tower “Indiana Harbor Crossing”. The photo is looking North to Indiana Harbor Canal tower.
Bill Dobbin And almost all of those buildings are all gone now as well.


3, also NorthAmericanInterlockings
 I added a red line to show where the Pennsy used to pass through until 1980.
Satellite plus Paint

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