Sunday, February 17, 2019

Lost/C&NW Wilmette Tower: 3-tracks to 2-tracks

(1979 FlickrSatellite)

Jim Arvites posted
View from the 1940's of an eastbound C&NW passenger train passing Wilmette Tower where the North Line went from two to three tracks. During the late 1950's the third track was ripped out between Wilmette Tower and Canal Tower.
(C&NW Historical Society)
David Kelzenberg Must be haulin’ ass. Semaphore just starting to drop.
Darryl Van Nort Second unit an Alco?
Scott Greig Darryl Van Nort yes, the sole DL109.
Dennis DeBruler 1957, "By 1957 the location where the three mainline tracks merged down to two was moved south to Canal Junction and Wilmette Tower was closed. This track removal is why Evanston now has several viaducts where weeds have replaced rails and ties."
Dennis DeBruler The caption answers a question that has been on my mind: do the north/south routes use east/west timecard directions? The answer is "yes."
Dennis DeBruler commented on Jim's post
The road near the top is Oakwood, the road on the left is Wood, and the road on the right is 10th. from
Henry Wilhelm

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