Monday, January 20, 2020

Chicago Bridge and Iron Co.

(Satellite, between 105th and 107th, it has been completely redeveloped)

Dave Durham posted

CRI&P, Geneseo around 1905. CB&I constructed lots of steel railway water tanks and towers, replacing many wooden structures. In this advertisement, the base appears to be about 8' of concrete, I wonder if time has been able to obliterate THAT railroad artifact.
Greg Burnet Yup. East side of Vincennes, at about 105th St. It was a very large complex.Dick James Greg Burnet -- CB&I also had rail service on its east side from the Pennsy Panhandle line. The 50s era water tanks that looked like a golf ball atop a giant tee were called Horton Waterspheres. One summer while in college I worked at the CB&I construction warehouse at 95th & Cottage Grove. Spent lots of time cleaning , putting new connections on, then coiling welding cable into 55 gallon drums. The offered me a higher paying job climbing out the top of the spheres, lowering myself on a bosuns chair to scrape and paint. I declined. I think Arthur Baer president of the near-by Beverly Bank on 103rd St. and Baer's Dept. Store on Vincennes was a big share holder in CB&I.

Frank Smitty Schmidt CB&I built a lot of LST's during WWII.
Dennis DeBruler This caused me to check my notes. I see that they are the company that built and ran the LST shipyard in Seneca, IL.

Denis Johnston I was an overhead crane operator at the plant after CB&I moved. Magi-Metal Supply. Back in the days when you operated the crane up in the crane.

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Load'em up, ship'em out.

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This was one of the reasons for CB&Is success in selling steel watertowers.

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1929 Blue Island Quadrangle @ 1:24,000

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Corresponding 1938 aerial photo.

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