Sunday, January 26, 2020

Closed 1897 Truss Bridge over Fox River at Millbrook, IL

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Street View
Pyroman Walper posted five photos with the comment:
Hello,I'm new here, but love what I see. I travel alot, and keep thinking about all the places im Going to pic n post.Then I got to thinking... I live in a very old, very small town, and drove around the block today and found four amazing abandoned structures, all within 5 minutes.This first one, the old Millbrook one lane Bridge. The deck is made out of railroad ties.It's been abandoned for at least 30 years, and it's scheduled to be torn down soon.As a kid we would climb to the top of the trusses and jump into the Fox River over and over again.They recently condemned the bridge to everyone, even foot traffic.I drove my car and truck over that bridge hundreds of times, and watched my Uncle drive a semi truck and trailer over it. I would drive that bridge today (if I could get away with it, lol)
Leigh Ann Rentschler I would freeze up with fear driving over that!! I’m not scared of much, but the fear of a bridge collapsing while I’m driving over it (and spiders) makes me sweat just thinking about it.
Pyroman Walper Leigh Ann Rentschler naw, that bridge is solid. It survived the big flood back in 2002(ish). It had 6' of water over the top of the deck.
Loved climbing to the highest point and jumping into the river as a kid. It's usually only 3' to 5' deep, but we waited for it to get to 6' before jumping in, lol

Pyroman Walper Oh, and if u went 30mph+ and look out ur mirrors, u could see the RR Ties bouncing up into the air as u drive.





It continues to amaze me how stone piers can pass the test of time and floods.
Street View
The piers do have the slant on the upstream side to help break up ice flows.
Steve Conro via Bridge Hunter
Although they do need some maintenance or mother nature will win.
Steve Conro via Bridge Hunter

I added the label "bridgeLost" because the NIMBYers won. The village blocked the forest preserve's effort to save the trail bridge. Evidently the local police couldn't keep the noisy late night parties off the bridge. It is costing the county $76,600 just to study how to tear it down. [WSPY]

Millbrook Bridge Demolition Firm Set to Be Hired by Kendall Co. Forest Preserve

Forgotten Railways, Roads, and Places posted
A historic bridge in Millbrook, IL is slated for demolishment due to structural deterioration.
The Kendall County Forest Preserve tried to save the bridge by attempting to enter into an intergovernmental agreement with the Village of Millbrook in 2015.
The forest preserve wanted an easement to allow its trails to pass over Dobson Ln., but (unfortunately) Millbrook trustees voted unanimously against the intergovernmental agreement, bowing to neighbors' complaints that late night parties on the bridge were a nuisance.
Christian Landorf I was at a meeting with the bridge last night, an engineer agreed that temporary repairs are possible and for way under a million dollars, these temporary repairs can prolong the bridge a few more years and hopefully money will become available for a full restoration then.
Christian Landorf
Frank Furter I read they recalled the demolition contract. Pending the next board meeting

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